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Nov 11, 2010

Thoughts on The Pelvis

The human pelvis has undergone a variety of structural changes in order that the upright human bipedal gait could be achieved...

It has flattened and broadened so that it forms a platform to transfer load from femur to spine. Its widening helps support the viscera of the abdominal cavity in the way that a fruitbowl contains its fruit. Unusually in the human (when compared with other vertebrates) the abdominal contents are supported in part by the bony structure of the pelvis and the tone of the abdominal muscles and those of the pelvic complex.

The human upright posture puts demands on the circulatory system. Pressure on blood vessel walls can cause haemorrhoids and varicose veins. Good muscle tone around these bood vessels helps maintain vascular condition. A mobile pelvis with optimal muscle tone helps with this and other pelvic function.

Exercise in its variety of forms generally helps maintain muscle tone. Specific pelvic exercise can help the psoas and iliacus muscles and levator ani muscles of the pelvic floor. Yoga ,pilates, and tai chi all seem to work the pelvic entity to good effect. The pelvic stasis that ensues with modern propensity for prolonged sitting can in part be counteracted by such exercises.

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