What is osteopathy?

From our base in Horsforth, Leeds an osteopath works physically on the body using gentle stretching techniques, articulation of joints, muscles and ligaments to enhance the function of the associated tissues. Joint manipulation using high velocity thrust techniques are an integral part of an osteopathic treatment and are employed to improve joint mobility. Osteopaths treat structural imbalances to help the body function more effectively.

Our osteopaths based in our Leeds premises realise that much of the discomfort that people experience arises from anomalies within the structure and function of the musculoskeletal system.

A core principle behind osteopathy is the idea that the body is an integrated and indivisible whole, and contains self-healing mechanisms that can be used as part of the treatment. No part of the body works, or can be considered, in isolation. Relevant psychological and social factors also form part of the process of patient diagnosis.

The key tools for osteopathic diagnosis include listening to the patient’s history, examining muscles and joints and observing movements. X-rays, scans and other clinical investigations are also used if required. A wide range of gentle, non-invasive manual techniques such as deep tissue massage, joint articulation and manipulation are applied therapeutically.



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